Aircraft Leasing

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General Overview

With general aviation as its strategic direction and commercial aviation as an expanded business field, it has cooperated with major aircraft manufacturers, including Gulfstream, Dassow, Varig Brazilian Airlines, Bombardier, Airbus, Boeing and etc. It has a fleet of approximately 300 aircrafts, among which 154 are corporate aircrafts and 39 commercial aircrafts, serving airliners in China, other Asian countries and European countries. It’s the largest overall financial service provider of cooperate aircraft in Asia, with 90% of China’s cooperate aircraft market share.

Honor & award

  • Innovative Award for overseas policy-based bank guaranteeing and supporting in China’s aircraft financial leasing project in 2014 (China Air Finance Development (DFTP) Summit).
  • Innovative Award for Chinese leasing company placing the largest purchasing order for cooperate aircraft.
  • the Best Financier for Corporate Aircraft in 2015 (Hurun Rich List).
  • Transaction Award of 2013 in China (Aviation Finance Magazine).