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The Company implemented "Outstanding Leadership" series training

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On September 2, 2016, the Company held "Outstanding Leadership" series training and invited Professor Liu Xiangming to tell about the way of identifying and making use of talents.
Since ancient times, how to make use of right people has been an important problem of troubling administrators and managers, and whether to make good use of talents is also one of criteria to judge the level of leadership art. Professor Liu Xiangming stated that the employees in enterprises are generally young and show personalized and social characteristics. The leaders should understand their employees from all perspectives such as psychology, predisposition and learning ability etc, pay attention to the psychological state of employees in order to develop a sharp eye for discovering able people. More importantly, the leaders should put the talents in the most appropriate location, and also adopt flexible ways of screening talents. As for keeping talents, Professor Liu stressed that administrators and managers should care about the work, study, life, development and treatment of employees. Only the employers win the hearts of employees, will the employees develop their wisdom and make their best efforts.

The training organizers expressed that the brief training may not be able to effectively solve the specific problems in the management, but can provide theoretical direction and guide the management team to discover able people and put them at suitable posts, as well as to draw on others successful experience.