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A series of successful trainings on risks in our company

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To strengthen the due diligence of business personnel and their legal consciousness of contract management, and to improve the ability of risk identification and control of the private enterprise, our company specially invited professor Chen Jianhua, an expert for risk control and credit review to give the business managers and risk control personnel with a special training lecture on How to Identify, Control and Manage the Risks of Private Enterprises on April 26.

At the training, professor Chen started from the basic characteristics of new development of leasing industry to described in detail the due diligence requirements of current financial leasing work, centering on the four aspects such as the access standards of leasing customer, non-financial factor analysis method at the time of project review, application of main products and their risk control, as well as contract management etc. Through vivid case analysis, he made the trainees realize the importance of due diligence. During and after the training, a number of trainees consulted professor Chen about the problems they encountered in their actual work.

   The rich and practical training content deepened the business personnel’s understanding of private enterprises, made them know well the major content of due diligence work, further strengthen the awareness of risk prevention. The trainees expressed that they hoped more such training in the future to further improve their awareness of risk control.

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