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Renowned Economist Ba Shusong Delivered His Speech at 

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On September 29, 2013, the renowned economist, Professor Ba Shusong was invited by the company to offer talks on "China's Current Economic and Financial Situation and Policy Outlook". With profundity and an easy-to-understand approach as well as simple terms, Professor Ba offered a wonderful lecture concerning the trend of China's current macro-economy and policy outlook. All staff attended the lecture.

The year 2013 is the key year of the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, how is the future economic situation going? What is the economic and financial situation in the next period of time? With respect to these issues concerned, starting from the history of development of the world economy and transitions, professor Ba gave clear talks on China's economic development cycle, structural adjustment and reform policies. His simple, concise yet humorous language attracted the attending employees very much. In order to better explain the current key economic indicators, professor Ba made detailed explanations on China’s current monetary and fiscal policies, the real estate market and the interest rate liberalization, etc., with special examples given on the topics of urbanization and loosening financial regulation, largely enlightening employees on China's current economic phenomenon.

This high-level lecture has obtained intensive feedbacks of attending employees. They expressed the lecture has deepened their understanding on China’s current economic phenomena and the financial and economic situation, and enriched their perspective of interpreting economic and financial policy, which is of great significance on the company's business development and specific business operations. [HR]
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