Company Profile

Minsheng Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. was established in April 2008. It was among the first five financial leasing companies with banking background initiated and controlled by China Minsheng Bank and approved by the CBRC. By the end of 2022, its registered capital amounted 5.095 billion yuan.

  • Total assets amounted 174.4billion yuan
  • Leasing business exceeded 692billion yuan
  • It possessed 132planes
  • It owned more than 203ships

By the end of 2022, its assets totaled 174.4 billion yuan. Since its establishment, its accumulative net profit amounted over 16.7 billion yuan, accumulated investment in leasing business over 692 billion yuan and accumulated tax payment over 12.8 billion yuan. It was one of the only financial leasing companies with asset scale exceeding 100 billion yuan in China, with its asset scale and profitability always ranking among the best in the industry.

At present, it has 64 business aircrafts, 68-some commercial aircrafts and over 203 ships. It was the largest business aircraft leasing company in Asia and one of the most globally influential ship leasing companies in China. Its business scope covers business aircraft, commercial aircraft, ships, marine engineering equipment, logistics, engineering machinery, commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, energy equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection, medical equipment, electronic information and other fields, providing strong financial support and guarantee for real economy, private enterprises and small and micro enterprises.

Its company governance structure and internal management mechanism are increasingly streamlining. It takes the lead in the industry in terms of business innovation and talent training. With high-quality customer service, stable management and good business performance, it has developed into a professional leasing institution with great brand influence in China. It won "AAA" debt item and main credit rating of the professional credit evaluation institution recognized by the People's Bank of China, and successively obtained the laurel as the "best financial leasing company of the year" jointly selected by the Financial Times and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, as well as a number of honors awarded by many other institutions, which made itself widely recognized by all sectors of the society.

Toward the vision of "leading the development of the industry, creating value for shareholders and customers and growing together with employees", MFSL continues to expand market competitive advantage, cultivate sustainable development ability and strive to become a world leading internationalized and professionalized banking financial leasing group with distinctive characteristics.

Company Vision

Becoming a world leading internationalized and professionalized banking financial leasing group with distinctive characteristics.

Core Values

Pursue excellence through teamwork in clean and upright manner, under the concept of responsibility first.

Company Mission

Lead the development of the industry, create value for shareholders and customers and grow together with employees.

Enterprise Spirit

Maintain the spirits of sword-drawing, innovation and enterprising.