Equipment Leasing

Main sector of MSFL collaboratively developed with Minsheng Banking business, accounting for more than 70% of MSFL’s business
It focuses on clean energy, 5G infrastructure construction and application, modern logistics, and other industries strongly supported by the 14th Five-Year Plan and Long Range Objectives through the Year 2035.
It deeply cultivates key industries and private enterprises to provide customers with professional and personalized leasing services.
It explores cross-border business of overseas engineering and electromechanical equipment, supports Chinese enterprises to "go outside" and cultivates new business growth points.
Focus on Private Enterprisesmake positive response to national policies and guidelines

With private enterprises as the main customer group, MSFL’s equipment sector invested more than 100 billion yuan in private enterprises.

It responds to national call and actively assures development of private economy.

Among its existing customers in equipment sector, more than 70% became private enterprises. It maintains good cooperative relations with industry leaders such as ODC, Jingye Steel, Runze technology, BAMO Technology and Xinfadi.

Its newly added investment was leaning toward private enterprises. The equipment sector invested 22.7 billion yuan in 2020, with 19.6 billion yuan into private enterprises, accounting for nearly 90%.

Collaborative Developmentbased on characteristics of leasing products

As the main force of synergy between MSFL and Minsheng Banking, based on characteristics of leasing products, the equipment sector is committed to complementary cooperative development with the head office and branches for key customers.

In 2020, the equipment sector and 22 branches completed a collaborative investment of 22.3 billion yuan, an year-on-year rise by 142%, accounting for 73% of MSFL's coordinated investment of 30.6 billion yuan and 98% of annual total investment in equipment sector.