Asset Business

By taking inter-bank capital transactions and asset transactions as starting point,
focusing on segmenting target market, acquiring high-quality industrial assets in the market and combining investment banking product design,
quickly introduce leased assets meeting demand preference of capital market to the market through structured arrangements.
Business CharacteristicsInnovative design combining transactions in asset trading service

Asset trading provides services such as design and innovation of products and trading modes, revitalizes stock assets and carries out leasing asset trading business based on leasing peers;

Securities with fixed investment income provides various fixed-gain investment business by funding bank financial planning products, public funds and special account products in fixed-income securities via various bonds and money market tools;

Investment banking business adopts investment banking product design, and uses capital market to promote structural arrangements such as securitization of leased assets, so as to enrich investor types.

MSFL completed package and transfer of stock assets with different residual periods and different industry categories together with leasing institutions, which not only revitalized stock assets, accelerated capital turnover and raised profitability, but also achieved certain demonstration effects in leasing industry.